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In March 2011 Homemaker Southwest merged with Money Advice Plymouth, please visit www.moneyadviceplymouth.org.uk for further details about the services they offer.

Following the recent outbreak of Coronavirus in the UK, all our home visits are being replaced by telephone calls.

If you are worried about money during the corona virus pandemic? The key is communication. Don’t let the worry build or the situation get out of hand before you get in touch. Many people are in a similar situation, don’t let embarrassment or fear stop you from getting in touch.

1.       If you have a mortgage and are struggling to pay: Mortgage lenders have agreed to support customers who are struggling to pay as a result of the virus, including offering a payment holiday of up to 3 months.  If you are concerned about paying your mortgage because your income has decreased, the key is to get in touch with your provider as soon as possible. Remember, mortgage lenders are required by FCA guidelines to treat customers who are struggling fairly. 

2.       If you rent and are struggling to pay:  Let your landlord know that your circumstances have changed due to the corona virus and ask them to accept lower payments for a short period of time. You might want to complete a budgeting statement for yourself to see what money you have coming in and what’s going out. There may be non-essentials that you can cancel or cut back on. Remember rent is a priority. 

3.       Struggling to pay a credit card: Cards have always been able to offer payment holidays to customers and to freeze interest and admin charges. If you’re struggling, contact them.  If you have no joy, get in touch with a debt advice agency like us. Money Saving Expert has also published some information about different credit card companies and how they are willing to help here

4.      This may be a great opportunity to look at your income and outgoings and make sure you are in receipt of all benefits/have the best deals: Discretionary Housing Payment grants may help you to cover a shortfall in rent (not mortgages) for a short period;  If you are self-isolating and receiving only Statutory Sick Pay, or if you normally top up your income with Universal Credit, you can apply for Council Tax Support  If you've lost your job recently make sure you apply for Council Tax Support and Universal Credit. 

5.       If you are concerned about being able to care for yourself, feed yourself or keep yourself warm call your doctors surgery or your local council to find out about services that are available and volunteer/charity organisations that are in place to help you through. 

Need further debt advice? Call us on 01392 686752 or message us online. 


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