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Homemaker Southwest - Policies and Procedures

Homemaker Southwest is a Registered Charity which seeks to ‘prevent homelessness and promote independence’.   


In line with legislation and good practice, Homemaker has a suite of policies that are designed to enable our staff, commissioners and those we work with to be treated fairly, safely and without discrimination.


Links to the following policies may be found here:

  • Complaints Policy: Homemaker strives to treat all people with respect, and to provide an effective, high quality professional service.  There may be times when clients (or other interested persons) feel, for whatever reason, that the service they have received has fallen short of what they would expect, and this procedure outlines the steps that we will take to deal with any complaints.

  • Health & Safety: Homemaker recognises and accepts its responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace and work environment for all its employees, volunteers, clients and visitors. 

  • Confidentiality: Homemaker is committed to providing a confidential service to its clients. We believe that principles of confidentiality must be integrated across all aspects of services and management. We believe our clients deserve the right to confidentiality to protect their interests and safeguard our services. 

  • Equal Opportunities and Diversity: Homemaker believes that all persons should have equal rights to recognition of their human dignity, and to have equal opportunities to be educated, to work, receive services and to participate in society. We are committed to the promotion of equal opportunities through the way we manage the organisation and provide services to the community.

  • Privacy (Data Protection): Homemaker ensures that it complies with data protection law, protects the rights of individuals, is open about how it stores and processes information and reduces the risk of accidentally releasing data about individuals inappropriately.

  • Safeguarding: Homemaker is committed to ensuring that all necessary steps are taken to safeguard any adults, children and young people we are supporting from abuse or neglect. To that end, staff will receive training in, and remain alert to the possibility of abuse and neglect in their day to day interactions with all clients.


Should you wish to read any of our other policies, please email .

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